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Trustworthy News SourcesFinding fair and trustworthy news sources is difficult despite the fact that more news outlets exist today than ever before. In light of this, has created a list containing those news sources who have upheld a commitment to excellence.

Each news source is carefully considered and ranked by the following criteria:

  1. Reliability: Consistent, regularly updated delivery of news.
  2. Accuracy: Well-rounded stories which focus upon facts rather than gossip or hearsay.
  3. Quality: Favors informative, well-written pieces over sheer quantity.
  4. Balance: Stories are selected and reported aside from bias or agenda.
  5. Reach: Strong authority and readership across the web.

Without further delay, here are the selected news sources for 2012:

1. Drudge Report

Drudge Report: Trustworthy News Sources

Though Drudge doesn’t often produce exclusive content, it still stands as the most reliable news source on the web. With a reach and readership higher than that of the New York Times, Drudge Report is the top-trusted news site for millions of individuals around the globe. Readers and reporters alike have come to depend upon Drudge’s quick, up-to-the-minute reporting of news.

2. World Net Daily

World Net Daily: Trustworthy News Sources

With a continual commitment to the truth and top-notch journalistic practices, World Net Daily has time and again exposed corruption in the media and politics while maintaining good journalistic practices.

WND clearly differentiates when they’re reporting news and providing commentary or opinion.

3. TheBlaze

TheBlaze: Trustworthy News Sources

Compared to the others on this list, TheBlaze is a relatively new news source. Yet in a short time, it’s gained a solid reputation and has even been referred to as “The Huffington Post for conservatives.”

TheBlaze mixes breaking news with opinion and entertainment.

4. Breitbart News

Breitbart News: Trustworthy News Sources

Founded by the late Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart news has become a trusted resource by many for current events. With a central focus on political issues, Breitbart maintains a worthy news source by continually reporting stories and facts many news sites elect to omit.

5. Fox News

Fox News: Trustworthy News Sources

Despite much opposition from mainstream media sites, Fox News has made a noticeable effort to keep news fair and balanced. As with others on this list, Fox News continues to uphold a commitment to excellence with fair editorial and journalistic standards.

6. NewsBusters

NewsBusters: Trustworthy News Sources

As if the name didn’t provide the site’s purpose well enough, NewsBusters has done an excellent job not only exposing corruption in the media, but also consistently covering stories relevant to our nation.

7. The Weekly Standard

Weekly Standard: Trustworthy News Sources

Accompanied by a well-established print edition, The Weekly Standard offers insight and commentary into the latest news. Updated daily, The Weekly Standard covers relevant, important topics from around the globe.

8. Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal: Trustworthy News Sources

While the Wall Street Journal reports on a wide variety of topics, its business new rivals the best nation and worldwide. Millions have come to rely upon WSJ for their authority on stocks, trade, and news across the globe.

What’s Your Most Trustworthy News Sources?

Feel free to leave a comment to let us know which news source you’ve found most up-to-date with staying informed.