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Hate Crime

Love Always Protects

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Love Always ProtectsThe culture at Sound Doctrine Church has always been one of total safety and accountability—which you would expect from Bible-believing Christians. However, any church or pastor who feels just as safe should be worried—very worried.

This Is Scary Stuff

Many individuals, who reviewed the facts surrounding the current arrest of an innocent pastor, made the exact same comment over and over again: “This is scary stuff.” After reading the list of safeguards Sound Doctrine Church set in place for years, it comes as a shock that malicious individuals and the corrupt legal system can still take advantage of a false accusation. Make no mistake. If this could happen to a pastor at Sound Doctrine—it could happen to you.

Sound Doctrine Church has always implemented and maintained the highest standards of propriety and safety, for both children and adults, consistent with the love of Jesus.

(1 Corinthians 13:6–7 niv) Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

  • Sound Doctrine has fully documented and externally validated Youth Ministry and Sexual Abuse Prevention policies.
  • All adults involved in Sunday School undergo official background checks and training.
  • No adult is ever alone with a child (other than family).
  • No man is ever alone privately with a woman (other than spouses or family).
  • Parents are asked for written consent for any specific classes/teachings/outings.
  • All members evaluate and review their status annually.
  • Private messages between adults and children are not allowed.

Safety Online

We designed and developed a website message board system, built from the ground up with hard-coded safeguards.

Message Board Sample

Children cannot view any post—including replies from adults or other children—until it has been approved by their parent(s). Parental approvals are individually recorded and dated.

It’s impossible for private messages to occur between children and non-parental adults. Our system automatically adds parents to any message involving their children.

These safeguards apply universally to leadership, adult members, and children. No one is exempt. These boundaries were designed and implemented by church leadership decades ago. We simply transferred our policies to the latest methods of on-line communication.

Be Worried, Very Worried

Few organizations could match the efforts of Sound Doctrine Church to remain blameless and pure in every aspect of ministry.

Yet, false accusers and sociopathic individuals have circumvented these safeguards with lies and gossip. Despite that the truth is readily available, none of the authorities bothered to verify the facts or even ask the correct questions in this situation.

The safety of those who attend or visit Sound Doctrine Church is well established. The safety, however, of churches who feel secure from false accusations and who mistakenly trust in a broken legal system, remains under serious threat.

Sound Doctrine Church presently cannot meet because freedom of religion does not trump a “win” and so the hate crime continues.

One is free to disagree with my Christian doctrine, to even view me as selfish, but to lead events so as to entwine crimes in an attempt to bring down a church, business and families is reprehensible, both morally and legally. To ignore such evil events for the sake of political expenditure is to be guilty of greater crimes against society.