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Detective McCall

Pastor on Rape Charge Pledges to Clear Name

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Legal Lynching By Employing Hatred


Prosecutor: “So what!” was the only response to evidence:
Satterberg Prosecutors: Mark Larson, Lisa Johnson, Rich Anderson, Jason Simmons agreed  “So what.” to evidence from the start and in open court. Thus, they obstructed justice by illegally protecting Athena Dean’s hate crime and Detective Grant McCall of the Enumclaw police to frame Malcolm Fraser. As can be seen prosecutors around the country are in desperate need of reform.

Judge sends message to prosecution at sentencing.

A pastor from the north-east charged with raping a young girl has vowed to clear his name—and says the allegations have left him fearing for his life. Aberdeen University graduate Malcolm Fraser denies attacking a 10-year-old while he and his wife were  staying with her family in the US.

Speaking to the Press and Journal last night, he claimed the accusations made against him were false. One of his fellow pastors said the church congregation was standing by the 39-year-old. Fraser—who grew up at Elgin—will go on trial at the end of November.

He faces two counts of first  degree rape of a child following an investigation by police in Washington State in the US. “I am completely innocent of the charges against me and extremely grateful for everyone who has supported me throughout this ordeal,” he said yesterday. “I am looking forward to presenting my case in court and expect to be fully exonerated once the truth is revealed.”

The former IT worker moved to the US in 2001 and has been a US citizen since 2010. He lived in Aberdeen for five years while he studied English and previously attended Elgin Baptist and New Elgin Church of God in Moray. Fraser is now living in Washington State and works as an assistant pastor at Sound Doctrine Church in the city of Enumclaw.

He was arrested after the alleged victim, who is now 17, made a report to local police. Detectives interviewed the girl after being alerted by child protection services.

“I am completely innocent of the charges against me and grateful for everyone who has supported me”

It is claimed that Fraser had repeated sexual contact with the girl between 2005 and 2006, when Fraser was 32.

“I am completely innocent of the charges against me and grateful for everyone who has supported me”

At a hearing at King County Superior Court in Seattle earlier this year, Fraser denied two counts of rape.

He is currently on bail on a $150,000 (£100,000) bond—but says the charges he faces have left him fearing for both his and his family’s safety

“Everything about Malcolm proves over and over again that he is innocent”

“Being falsely accused of such a crime has imposed major changes in my life which is now focused on clearing my name,” he said

“Due to the background of the case and the way the accusations have been used to stir up hostility, I am also forced to guard the safety of myself and  my family here.”

Pastor Timothy Williams—Fraser’s boss—believes the Scot has become the victim of a “vendetta” against the church, and says everyone at Sound Doctrine is standing by him.

“Malcolm Fraser is innocent because he simply did not do the crimes and never had an opportunity to commit the outrageous charges of which he is accused,” he said.

“I first met Malcolm in 2001 while visiting the town of Dingwall in Scotland.

“In fact, one of my sons married a Scottish lass because of this visit.

“After first becoming Malcolm’s friend, I became his pastor and finally his boss. Because of my familiarity with Malcolm, my credibility has and is being viciously attacked.

“My good friend’s legal troubles, which could land him in prison for life, are the end result of many months of campaign by one specific individual to ruin the church.”

Since the accusations were made, the church has been targeted by vandals.

Mr. Williams added: “Let the reader understand clearly that if Malcolm were guilty I would be the  first to ensure that everything legally  was done to punish him.

“I am obligated by God never to show favouritism and, as the Bible says, to serve justice alone.

“I had to consider if it was possible for Malcolm to have committed the foul deeds. But everything about Malcolm—his desire for a lean life—proves over and over again that he is totally innocent.”

He will face trial on November 29.

Originally written by Ryan Crighton for Scotland’s The Press and Journal.

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