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Athena Dean

A Hate Crime in the Making: Wenatchee Setup, Act 2

· Enumclaw News (acts 14:21) ·

“I struggle daily with wanting to go burn their building down.” —Athena Dean, 7/26/2012

The recent events perpetrated in our area are nothing but a hate crime— pure and simple, with Athena Dean front and center at every pivotal point. Due to the way this continues to affect so many in our community, it’s time to reveal the truth.

“The truth is, I’ve destroyed every close relationship I’ve ever had in my life because   I’m a bully, a manipulator, a liar, a user, and  completely arrogant. No wonder I’ve always gravitated to business and excelled there,   because I never have to get close enough to  people for them to see the real me. I am truly, no  better than a man who calls himself a Christian and is well respected by all, who secretly beats   his wife and kids at home behind closed doors.”

—Letter from Athena Dean, October, 2011

Ms. Dean began her tirade of hate-filled slanders, gossip, and lies in November 2011. By March 2012 she had everything set in place: the news media, the false accusations, the small team of associates ready to stir things up, and the individuals in the legal system willing to do the dirty work of injustice. From the start, it was clear what was really happening. We made attempt after attempt to draw the authorities’ attention to the expanding hate crimes, in the hope of finding even a small measure of justice and protection. Yet the Wenatchee-style subterfuge and abuse of the law became entrenched as injustice allowed the marketing skills of the perpetrators to prevail. As a result, an innocent man, Malcolm Fraser, was arrested on horrendous false charges.

It’s amazing how easily the legal system can arrest and prosecute someone without absolutely no solid evidence.


Everyone knows how easy it is to manipulate the legal system with false accusations but, in this case, the back story is so substantial it is impossible to fit everything into a relatively short article.

The accuser’s family was already disgruntled after leaving Sound Doctrine Church in 2006, but Ms. Dean worked them up into even greater hostility, starting months before the accusations were made. Through multiple emails and phone calls, Ms. Dean was instrumental in laying a foundation of distrust and encouraging the prejudice of Detective Grant McCall. Even before the arrest, Ms. Dean quickly became the self-appointed spokesperson for the whole incident, using her blog and Facebook to spread quotes and emails from Detective McCall, along with her own inflammatory lies. The connections don’t stop there. Ms. Dean is not only a close friend of the accuser’s mother, but related to the family by her step-son’s marriage to the accuser’s aunt. This same step-son and his wife were well-prepared by Ms. Dean for their participation in the fear-mongering media coverage, with tears and false accusations of their own.

“I found that advertising on Christian radio was the ultimate bonanza! . . . I found the Christian radio audience to be trusting and even gullible.” —Athena Dean, 1996

Ms. Dean knows how the system works and how to pull the heart-strings of the vulnerable or gullible. For years, she has used the media to sell whatever her current agenda happens to be.

Although she has no formal training, she was also a “counselor” for abuse victims and therefore familiar with how to present such accusations. In 1986, the Attorney General sued Ms. Dean and her ex-husband for their instigation and involvement in a $280,000 trash bag charity fraud. Combine all this with a self-confessed need to be the center of attention and the pattern of throwing a “hissy fit” if things don’t go her way, and it’s not difficult to see the characteristics of a classic sociopath in Athena Dean’s behavior.

“I want my own way and if I don’t get it I throw a hissy fit.” —Athena Dean, 12/19/2005


Sadly, Ms. Dean can too easily manipulate local and Internet gossip. Some news organizations found themselves immediately taken in as she pulled their strings with emotional claims right out of the Wenatchee witch-hunt playbook.

When her first attempts to destroy her former business failed, Ms. Dean simply escalated her slander campaign to destroy a whole church and the livelihood of many families. By switching to deeper personal and emotional accusations, Ms. Dean’s goal became nothing less than a Wenatcheestyle fiasco intended to disrupt an entire community. She hoped the authorities would sweep in to do her bidding, the news media would smother the truth with sensationalized lies, and, as her daughter-in-law put it, bring Sound Doctrine Church “to its knees.”

“I hope this causes enough of an uproar in our community to bring this sick church (Sound Doctrine Church in Enumclaw, where he is a pastor and has full support even after having been arrested) to their knees. I pray this man gets what he deserves in prison . . . if you know what I mean!” —Olianna Dean, 3/21/2012

Despite the attempts to generate a lynch mob mentality, her planned collapse did not happen. Ms. Dean obviously hoped law enforcement personnel and the legal system would do her dirty work for her but, instead, they found themselves stuck. They simply have no evidence or support for Ms. Dean’s “rabid griping” and every attempt to make something stick hits a dead end. Ms. Dean’s campaign smoothly shifted into copious witness tampering, where she attacks anyone questioning her pronouncements and makes them a villain for supporting a “pedophile”—just like in the Wenatchee case where even government officials were slandered, fired, and isolated for asking honest questions.

On October 24th, 2012, Ms. Dean launched another desperate attempt at witness tampering, going as far as pushing to have a young mother’s children taken away to prevent her from testifying to the truth. She knows this young mother is not only a character witness, but can testify to the longstanding conspiracy of hate crime and a specific attempt to set me (Timothy Williams) up on false charges.

Attempting to use the system to deprive me, and those who share my beliefs, of liberty and justice is nothing new. Unfortunately, the system itself allows this kind of abuse and, in fact, encourages it. The courts either do not care enough to correct this problem, or they have their own motives for allowing a small, hate-filled minority to cause harm to law-abiding citizens.


Through impotent laws and inaction, the State of Washington actually encourages persecution and religious intolerance.

While honest citizens are crushed under the weight of thousands of oppressive statutes and made vulnerable to possible arrest on the slightest pretext, the legal community protects itself by establishing such a high bar they are almost untouchable. The technicalities of the law make it almost impossible to hold prosecutors or police officers accountable for anything but the most extreme abuse. Consequently, for example, an Enumclaw police officer who revealed himself as a prejudiced, religious bigot—in writing, and in the course of a so-called “investigation”—suffers no consequences. The same kind of personal agendas and corruption that made the Wenatchee witch-hunt possible are now actively ignored instead of fixed in our community.

Since the set-up did not go according to plan, Detective McCall sent a desperate email to Mr. Fraser’s mother in an attempt to elicit a similar denunciation of her son. His email, as you can see in the chart above, fully revealed his own prejudice and hostility. In the meantime, Athena Dean and her associates were happy to continue sneaking around on the Internet with their fear-mongering slanders. What better way to boost their credibility than with an official Enumclaw police email!

The proof of current hate crimes and witness tampering is abundant and solid. Anyone willing to look into the matter would find themselves astounded at the scope and amount of evidence and shocked at the authorities’ refusal to act on it.


Unfortunately, pride stops the legal system from admitting they were duped, and those who should bring the true criminals to justice lack the political willpower to go up against a sociopath of Ms. Dean’s magnitude.

The authorities simply do not know how to handle a case when it does not follow their easy pattern of arm-twisting and plea bargaining. They become locked up and silent when confronted with actual truth or the need to admit they made a mistake. Everyone who has seen the facts—including independent attorneys—immediately express the obvious conclusion that the current criminal case should be dismissed and, indeed, the charges should never have been brought in the first place.

By refusing to act quickly to do the right thing, however, the authorities have crossed the line and are now responsible for injustice. In my opinion, this is fast becoming malicious prosecution—if it has not already crossed that line. Many have commented that if this were not a church the charges would have been dropped long ago.


Make no mistake; this situation is a classic hate crime—unfortunately, just not a politically correct hate crime. Laws are meant to protect everyone from intolerance. However, the system has quietly turned into a witch-hunt where common sense procedures are circumvented with self-serving laws.

The lessons of history provide us a clear warning. Enumclaw is being used and manipulated as a tool in a hate crime.

Ignore this at your own peril. If the lynch-mob mentality and religious persecution continues to spread and succeed, anyone not conforming to the agendas of Athena Dean and her self-appointed Inquisition—or those who follow the same pattern of manipulation—could find themselves the next victims. Trust me, you cannot ignore such things. We tried, but finally had to step up with the truth. Even before Mr. Fraser’s arrest, we were forced to counter Athena Dean’s barrage of lies towards Sound Doctrine Church with a website revealing the hard truth:

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