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Athena Dean

Police / Your Church / Enumclaw

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 “What are you going to do when your church can no longer meet?”
Prosecutor Jason Simmons

(Update June 3, 2013,

Police policy was not followed during this incident. The Enumclaw Police hired lawyers to frame a story about this abuse of power. The story now goes that Mike Reynold’s (city attorney) was not called in to solve the conflict, (as per procedure) because of, are you ready, “a conflict of interest.”

This is easy seen as absurd, as no one was called in to solve the conflict and Athena Dean was enabled to steal $20,000. In addition, has learned that a positive letter sent to the Enumclaw Police was leaked to the public. This letter was sent just before realizing the “gaslighting” going on by the Enumclaw Police.

Once all the facts were in, the video became very revealing upon review. When dealing with the Enumclaw Police, video record everything. One can only shutter at the depth of harm that would have been done that day had not the cameras been rolling.

It became very clear that, like Detective Grant McCall, there is a leading into undermining rights of those not approved by the Enumclaw Police. …developing…

Read the hate crime timeline to see this story in perspective with the Enumclaw Police, Detective Grant McCall, Athena Dean, and others who have taken a part in the history of hate in Enumclaw.

Further details can be found by searching, King County Prosecutor Daniel T. Satterberg, Sound Doctrine Church, Winepress Publishing, Redemption Press (Athena Dean), Enumclaw Police, Malcolm Fraser, Detective Grant McCall who planted the accusation in detail and Salt Shaker Bookstore. One would be amazed at the doctrinal questions Prosecutor Simmons had about the Bible – in a court of law.

Info Local: Enumclaw Police, City of Enumclaw, Prosecutor Enumclaw Mike Reynolds, Police Chief Jim Zoll, Detective Grant McCall


King County Prosecutor Daniel T. Satterberg Abuses Hate Crime
Prosecutor Jason Simmons part of Mark Larson’s Team endorsed,
protected and enhanced a hate crime. The person put on trial was not the real target.

Detective McCall, local Enumclaw Officials and Athena Dean fed to the legal system lies they could manufacturer a trial with. That prosecutor(s) broke the law is self-evident. A hate crime was committed by individual(s) is the solid foundation of all you are about to examine.

  • Accusations can be “fun games” according to Prosecutor Satterberg’s Office.

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