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Direct to You from T. Williams, Editor-in-Chief of


The Discerning Times News Award 2012
Direct To You, T. Williams

I actually considered placing WorldNetDaily at the top of the list and the Drudge Report second. It was a difficult decision. WND produces much more original content, asks questions nobody else is willing to ask, and demands answers. On the other hand, Drudge is able to make points and pose subtle questions by the arrangement of news links so the reader is guided to seek proper answers.

Both are of equal value and of the highest quality. Taken together, they are a powerhouse for thought-provoking news – which is sorely needed in today’s hype-saturated media.

Personally, I thought WND fell short in an article mentioning me several years ago, but that is how one arrives at the truth. By overcoming the emotional and thinking with the facts. The Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily have earned their spots as winners of one and two.

Though our little newspaper is nothing compared to The Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily one does not have to be an art critic to appreciate masterpieces.

T. Williams

  • Rev Cocoa

    Let’s take one of the biggest news stories of the year– say, the election. How trustworthy were these sources on that one? Did they tell their readers to anticipate an Obama victory?

    Yes, reporting news and making predictions aren’t the same thing. On the other hand, good predictions arise out of good reporting– reporting that meets the criteria you laid out.

    Despite being accused of “confirmation bias” on Breitbart, Nate Silver turned out to be pretty trustworthy– on these matters at least. Still, even he wasn’t as accurate as the writer at the Daily Kos– who nailed not only which way the states would line up but also the congressional races.