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Governor Christine Gregoire Owes Apology

· Editorial & Opinion (pro 23:23) · 1 Comment

Apparently, Governor Chris Gregoire and the Washington court system can do nothing about the abuse of law—or so they say when contacted by phone about the hate crime in Enumclaw.

Governor Gregoire makes it clear on her website the protection of vulnerable families is one of her top priorities. However, this concern must only extend to the safety of those who accuse others—not the safety of children growing up healthy by learning to tell the truth. In other words, Governor Gregoire does not consider it a priority, or an issue whatsoever, to lawfully deal with people who make false accusations in order to protect innocent citizens unjustly accused.

In the name of abuse prevention, political convenience continues to harm far more children than the real offenders who now reside behind bars. Scientific studies repeat the same conclusion again and again—when children are not hugged or given healthy physical interaction with others, they grow up with various—and sometimes extremely serious—relational problems. Instead of dealing with this issue in a balanced or sensible manner, the authorities empower children and teenagers to act like a lynch mob, treat all adults with suspicion, and lie without consequence.

Good parents and community leaders are worn out with all the unrealistic precautions imposed on them, knowing the witch-hunt could target them at any time. Simply hugging a child or having a sleepover with school friends can expose adults to false accusations because the State fosters irrational accusations. Such behavior can potentially ruin the lives of families without any recourse. Consequently, we now have a whole generation of adults—teachers, club leaders, pastors, community service agents—scared to interact in normal, healthy ways with children. Kids, isolated and lonely with self-absorbed lives, then express their lack of childhood affection in abusive ways when they become adults in positions of authority.

With all the violence, shootings, drugs, bullying, and many other troubles in schools today, why do we not give more attention to the underlying problems? Schools will become a lot safer when the legal system punishes liars and allows teachers the freedom to hug their hurting students. This is almost absurd to write—but when was the last time Child Protective Services or the courts ordered a child to go home and obey his or her parents?

Gregoire Apology

If the State of Washington seriously wants to put an end to abuse, then the current legal system of teaching children to lie and plant ideas of abuse as a means to manipulate, must stop. Instead, the focus must shift to teach children to always tell the truth in order to build healthy relationships with others. As a result, children will be far more likely to come forward if they truly experience abuse, and tell the real truth.

Bottom-line, encouraging children, teens, or adults to make false accusations without consequences for lying will not support true victims of abuse or bolster their courage to come forward. The reassurance that they do not have to manipulate situations or lie in order to gain attention will help victims of real abuse feel safe.

Unfortunately, the State of Washington has ignored the lessons of the Wenatchee witch-hunt. Instead, the governor and the legislatures have sent a very loud message to prosecutors and police departments about how to “get ahead” in their offices of authority. Simply fashion a sexual abuse case to promote yourself and it will be seen as a great job. This type of attitude harms the state—and the family structure—on a foundational level and must stop.

The witch-hunt mentality remains alive and well, and drowns out those who cry for and deserve help. Pastors cannot drive kids home from church community leaders and teachers cannot give hugs to wipe away skin knees and parents are paranoid about their neighbors and even their own family members. Even worse, the lack of interaction, mistrust, and isolation of children increases suffering and only fosters a pent-up desire for attention—which the State of Washington misdirects. Children soon learn that lying, or going along with a lie, about abuse provides a sure-fire way to fill the void with lavish, unquestioning attention—not just from parents and family, but from the army of support systems put in place by the State without any honest requirement for truth. Of course, what do we expect from a system, and leadership that has only partially prosecuted one person for making false charges?

The day our legal system properly prosecutes false accusers and liars is the day the true victims of abuse can speak up confidently. Until a radical shift to uphold truth occurs in the State of Washington, anti-hugging, lying, and isolation will remain quick tools to political gain—at the cost of abusing far more children than those protected.

We realize, in the present political climate, only liberals and those who accuse others are entitled to protection. These people clearly represent the demographic Governor Gregoire cares about. However, many good citizens are worn out with the fear-mongering perpetrated by the authorities—from the Governor’s office to the Prosecutor’s office.

If we believe the Governor, she can do nothing about this problem. We certainly, however don’t believe such a politically motivated excuse. What can the Governor do? Start by apologizing for doing nothing about these problems except making them worse, and then write an official request to the new Governor to fix this mess.

T. Williams
The Discerning Times – Enumclaw

  • josie

    Excellent article, and very true. It is common knowledge that many teenaged girls make accusations against their fathers, to get even for being grounded or punished. The man has no defense and is immediately considered guilty, looking forward to conviction. Shameful and disgusting. The “Witch Hunt” mentality is alive and kicking, not only in Washington State, but in other States as well. It has become an Epidemic. Accusations can be proved or disproved with experienced investigation, however there are no consequences for those who make such a horrific untrue statement about another. The damage cannot be undone. The children who lie should suffer equal punishment that the accused would have.