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The Menace of P.rosecutor P.redominate S.yndrome: P.P.S (According to DSMCS 2012*)

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predominate pri•dom•uh•neyt
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: be the most important, noticeable
Synonyms: carry weight, command, dominate, domineer, get the upper hand, govern, hold sway, mange, outweigh, overrule, overshadow, preponderate, prevail, reign, rule, tell

“Prosecutor Predominate Syndrome” (P.P.S.) is why someone admits years later he or she lied about being a victim of a sexual crime. P.P.S results from a psychological wall created by the court system. It stops the accuser from thinking through their accusation on a moral level. Later, as the influence and control of the Prosecutor’s Office wears off, the person begins to recover their moral compass—that is, if they are not permanently damaged.

The minute an accusation occurs, a wall of protective authority and attention surrounds the accuser. The “victim” receives no genuine concern because the main question is whether they have a winning case. The truth? Nobody cares about that. Actual investigation, analysis, interviews, and critical thinking by which to discover the truth are treated like minor inconveniences.

Whenever the accuser approaches an intersection that could reveal the lie,a horde of free lawyers shuts it down in the name of the law. Cloud it all with legal words and “concern” if you want, but the end result is the obstruction of the truth. Which of course is a crime for everyone but those in the legal system and those making false sexual accusations.

The details of the accuser’s life are made unconstitutionally off limits, providing an unjust feeling of power and invulnerability. The accuser is pampered, protected, and prodded to move in the direction the Prosecution wants. In the vast majority of cases, that means the accused will be “forced” to cop an easy plea in order to avoid a trial.

However, as time passes and the attention wanes, the victory no longer remains of interest to the court system allowing free thinking to slowly creep back in. The word coaches and yesmen are no longer in the picture and the P.P.S. effect begins to wear off. Sadly, sometimes the accuser is so morally corrupted by having to carry the guilt of a lie for years that they never recover. But a lucky few reach a point where the truth finally bursts forth. The Prosecutor’s Office retaliates with morally bankrupt statements like, “Well, a jury at the time found enough evidence to convict so it’s not our responsibility.”

In the last thirty years a hard shift has occurred in using psychological tricks, legal protection, and “political correctness” to encourage “victims” to lie. At the same time, the legal system pushes and bribes defendants to plea bargain for the sake of a quick and lazy conclusion. We see the results around us—a breakdown of good laws and ethical procedures.

Protective laws, properly applied procedures, and the pursuit of truthare no longer the issue. Instead, the P.P.S effect takes over to mastermind an emotional jury verdict of guilty and fulfill the Prosecutor’s “win.”

Therefore, especially in the State of Washington, the Prosecutor’s Office refuses—yes, refuses—to punish anyone who lies and makes a false charge of a sexual crime.

Once truth is no longer the point any lie becomes the point. What good parent in their right mind would teach, promote or allow their children to be immune from lying?

It is abuse on others on a basic level when any accusation is acted as if it were true. It is not protecting the witness anymore it is a consorted effort to empower the accuser to falsely accuse.

How the legal system can bemoan the breakdown of society by criminals without turning red in embarrassment because of their hypocrisy is beyond understanding.

* Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Common Sense 2012