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Taking Sides

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“I do not want to take sides.”

“There must be some truth to it.”

“I might lose customers.” 

Too late. If you have any of these thoughts, you already chose a side. You sided with corruption, lies, and selfishness.

This is exactly what the legal system counts on to allow for their laziness. Jury convictions seldom result from the facts of a case, but more on the emotions the prosecution can manipulate.

To ignore the faults of a legal system that can send an innocent man to prison or ruin a life, is to actively support injustice.

People have told us, “There are more who support you than you realize.” These supporters—including the few decent lawyers left and many neighbors around us—admit the injustice of the system. Now is the time to prepare ourselves to speak up in a thousand little ways.

When reasonable people remain silent, it leads to a breakdown of law and justice in society. Even from a self-centered point of view, it is not difficult to see the end result for those who tolerate a system which ruins the lives of others. It’s not surprising the police arrest boys and girls for opening lemonade stands and Taser old ladies. Too many have remained too silent, for too long.

Though often overused, it’s reasonable to make the comparison between today’s complacency and injustice with how the Nazis rose to power. It all looks very familiar. Long before Nazism, the Anglo-Irish statesman Edmund Burke said it best:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Feeling overwhelmed with the huge problem of injustice or to think of it merely as a concept does not solve the situation. It takes individuals willing to speak up on the “small” things that will make a difference.

Bring to light the injustice perpetrated next door and demand justice. In the coming issues of this newspaper you will be shocked at the story that will unfold. You will also, however, discover just how easily the legal system could have stop the incompetence.

After all, small changes can make a big difference. Just think of the instant transformation that would occur simply by firing any police officer who tickets a child’s lemonade stand.

Such common sense applications are easy to perform, but impossible for a people who do not want to take sides. It is time for good law citizens to say in thousands of small ways, enough is enough. Best to do it now before your neighbor figures out how to falsely accuse you so that it destroys your family, your livelyhood and perhaps your freedom.