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TDT Enumclaw Newspaper: Print Editions

Download the current print edition of The Discerning Times, Enumclaw newspaper.

The Discerning Times, Enumclaw Edition, is a 12-page tabloid newspaper, 100% FREE, with an emphasis on thought-provoking content and minimal (free) advertising.


November 2012 Edition

This special justice edition of The Discerning Times covers a wide variety of topics related to the courts, police, and the great need for justice. Complete with suggested reforms and changes to judicial system, this issue is a must-read for everyone.


August 2012 Issue

This issue’s headlines: Shallow End: Answering Tough Questions Homeschooling? Is it Best for Young Children? Mountain Cabin Prevents Suicide Sanctifying Summer – Bust the Boredom! Practice of the Presence of God: Our Only Business Brother Lawrence: Hungering for God Lao Authorities Seek to Eliminate Christianity Discernment Dave™ Comic Strip Crossword: […]