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Articles / Accusations / Corruption / Republications

Articles / Accusations / Corruption / Republications

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If you are looking for a story, for facts related to Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Christian Publishing, Ministries, Justice System Game-playing, Elected Officials, Governors, Local Enumclaw Corruption I have a wealth of information, and proof available. Please see contact page for more information.


No one is exempt from false accusations, even pastors. There is a worldwide, lynch-mob culture that is enabling people to falsely accuse without repercussions.

As an example, is reporting on a small-town pastor that has been falsely accused of rape of a child by hostile ex-church members. We want nothing more than to see this man exonerated, but more so, to stop the trend of false accusations. People need to speak up for local cases, otherwise they will see their own family, friends, and churches under fire from a false accusation. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Here’s a collection of articles that cover the events. Please share these on your blog, website, or social media sites. Spread the word!

Pastor on Rape Charge Pledges to Clear Name

A story run originally with The Press and Journal, a Scottish newspaper who interviewed a number of individuals regarding the false accusation against pastor, Malcolm Fraser.

Reality Check: 67% Reduction

67% of cased are dropped due to lack of evidence.

Taking Sides

It’s not enough to sit in the middle and not take side. If you don’t stand up, you may be next.

The Menace of P.rosecutor P.redominate S.yndrome

“Prosecutor Predominate Syndrome” (P.P.S.) is why someone admits years later he or she lied about being a victim of a sexual crime. P.P.S results from a psychological wall created by the court system. It stops the accuser from thinking through their accusation on a moral level.

The Witch Hunt of Wenatchee, Washington 1994

A small town  gained national recognition when a corrupt police force charged forty-three adults of child abuse, only later to find out they were all false.

A Hate Crime in the Making

Could the Wentachee case repeat itself in the same state within fifteen years? Lack of reform and change, led to a very similar case in another small, Washington town.

Top 10 Excuses of the Legal System for Lying

Read the top ten most ridiculous lies perpetrated by the legal system.

Intolerance Timeline

See the progression of events of how a specific Church received concentrated bias over a long period of time.

Brittle Steel

Texas, Rob Kepple and Washington State Dan Satterberg. I have communicated several times with Mr. Kepple which has not been fully reported. Same is true with King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg’s office.

Much More

There are many more articles which may be requested and edited for length sake from by Timothy Williams. See contact form for permission.

The wealth of information and experience first hand at the hands of legal incompetence and illegal activities by those in the legal system goes beyond what is currently on

King County Prosecutor Daniel T. Satterberg Abuses Hate Crime To Win Trial
Prosecutor Jason Simmons part of Mark Larson’s Team endorsed,
protected and enhanced a hate crime to win a trial.
The person put on trial was not the real target.

Detective McCall, local Enumclaw Officials and Athena Dean fed to the legal system lies they could manufacturer a winning trial. That prosecutor(s) broke the law is self-evident. A hate crime is being committed by individual(s) is the solid foundation of all you are about to examine but Prosecutor Satterberg stated, in court, “So what” to evidence.

Accusations can be “fun games” according to Prosecutor Satterberg’s Office so this is one reason why the Enumclaw Police demanded to know where the church was located that Athena Dean and Jessica Gambill (accusers mother) were inflicting their hate crime against on this fateful starting point day.

Thereupon the Enumclaw Police and Officials gave Satterberg’s Office what they wanted and Prosecutor Simmons twisted the trial by asking what was the church Athena Dean was attacking going to do “when they could no longer meet?


Satterberg / Larson / Anderson / Simmons / Johnson / King County

Evidence Points

#1 Hate Crime Chart
#2 Enumclaw Police & Officials
#3 Every Accusation Planted by Cop and Accusers
#4 So What Satterberg To Evidence
#5 Rolling Lies Over Each Other
#6 Charity Trash Fraud
#7 Passed Multiple Lie Detector Tests
#9 Heard It Was A Cult
#9 Mark Larson Uses A Dirty Cop
#10 Simmons Badgers Witnesses
#11 Judge Sends A Message
#12 Athena Dean / Jessica Gambill Hate Crime
#13 Objection To Coffee
#14 “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson Team