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Bus Driver Kicks Disabled Girl Off Bus in 20 Degree Weather

· Regional News (gen 36:20) ·

When Taylor, a fourteen-year-old special needs student, entered what she thought was her bus a cold weekday morning, she hardly expected to be wandering around town only minutes later. Q13 has more:

Taylor said she didn’t recognize the driver, but thought he might be a substitute. Once the bus started moving, she said she didn’t recognize any of the students either.  A few minutes later, Taylor said the driver pulled over near a 7-Eleven store at 100th St. NE and Shoultes Road, looked through a book of photos of students who were supposed to be on board, and then told her to get off.

Taylor said she didn’t know where she was and started walking.  She thought she was headed to Cedar Crest Middle School, but was actually headed in the opposite direction, about three miles from the building.

Krista Adams said that at about 8:25 a.m. she got a phone call from her father, who happened to be driving to a doctor’s appointment and saw Taylor walking on the side of the road crying.

“She was distraught and cold. It was 20-something degrees outside,” said Adams.  “Driving a special ed bus, especially, you think they are going to do the right thing.  They have these children who are more fragile than normal and need extra care.”

When police were contacted on the issue, they told the family that “no crime was committed.”

The Marysville School District says they have checked all routes and found there were no buses in Taylor’s neighborhood that morning.  They say they also contacted surrounding districts and were told they did not have any buses in that area either.  The family has contacted Marysville police but say an officer told them a crime was not committed.

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