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State Spending Millions on Chinese Concrete for Bridge—with Concrete Factory 2 Miles Away

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An investigation is underway regarding the construction of the 520 floating bridge in Seattle, Washington. Specifically why millions of tax-payer’s dollars are being spent on concrete from China, when the needed resources are available within the state.


(Credit: Komo News)

During the investigation, various cracks were discovered throughout the construction of the bridge which has led some to question whether the reason is because of the foreign-imported product. Komo News reports:

“It’s disappointing, it’s disgusting. I’m really really disgusted,” said Union Activist Carl Krull.

Krull is upset at the on-going problems with the pontoons, but he first started looking into the project when he found out the cement comes from — China.

“Why are we shipping it 5000 miles when we have a cement factory two miles from the bridge?” he said.

Krull points to Ash Grove Cement, a 131 year fixture in Seattle. Ash Grove tells me they are able to supply all the cement for the pontoons, but they lost the bid. Krull wonders why a state and federal project is sending those millions overseas.

“What’s the matter with keeping your money at home? What’s the matter with creating local jobs?” he said.

Krull couldn’t confirm the cracks appearing in the bridge were because of the Chinese cement, but when told the cement was “of the highest quality,” he didn’t buy it.

The Problem Solvers found that cracking in Pontoon R, from the second cycle of pontoons, is so extensive that nearly all of the exterior walls that have been examined have cracks. We’re still waiting for examinations of the other five pontoons in Cycle two.

Kiewit tells us, “these pontoons are made of the highest quality concrete …” and that all the materials and concrete processes are, “… measured, tested and re-tested to ensure they are within … the rigorous specifications spelled out in the contract.”

Activist Krull doesn’t buy it.

“It’s larcenous incompetence in my opinion,” he said.

Meanwhile, men like Alan Northrop fight to pay tens of thousands of dollars in back child support because of the state’s justice system. A burden in which the state reps claim it hasn’t been able to help with because of “budget limitations.”