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On the other-hand Timothy Williams preaches from all versions of the Bible but without the protection of The Law, The Badge, The Taser, The Gun and The Family of King County Police Thugs* to enforce Grant McCall’s King James Only Baptist Doctrine while vilifying opponents.
Listen to the audio of King County Policeman Grant McCall testify in King County Court that Timothy Williams scriptures did not look “quite right to me…..”

From Corruption Gets A Promotion[/caption]

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

King James Bible Version Only
Enumclaw Police Grant McCall
Believe It Is The Only Bible For English Speaking Individuals

Such is what Enumclaw Police Grant McCall and His Church Believe

It is what Enumclaw Police Badge-Bias Used To Destroy Sound Doctrine Church

Enumclaw Police Grant McCall Court Testimony – King James Only Bible

Badge-Bias is the legal system supporting, protecting and perverting the laws of Washington to benefit those who serve prosecutors while wearing a badge.
Enumclaw Police Sergeant, aka Detective Grant McCall, attends the Berean Baptist Church in Puyallup Washington which believes that the King James Bible is the Word of God for English speaking individuals.Berean Baptist Church Puyallup Washington 9702 128th St. E Puyallup, WA 98373 Pastor Robert Reno Amy Reno Amanda Geiger Church Secretary Autumn Cleveland Pastoral Secretary

“We use the King James Version only in all of our ministries and church programs.”
– Sergeant Grant McCall, Berean Baptist Church statement of beliefs –

King County Judge Susan Craighead speaks of “unconscious bias of white privilege” while the very conscious Badge-Bias is corrupting justice in Seattle’s King County Courthouses. Judge Susan Craighead’s King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg is the plank in her eye that is smacking everyone not up to her personal standards on the side of the head.
Since preacher Timothy Williams employs many versions when preaching the Bible, Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall declared in a King County Court with the full blessing of King County Prosecutors that Badge-Bias shall be the rule the law applied to Sound Doctrine Church. Which was fully destroyed by Badge-Bias.
Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall’s uncompromising adherence to his opinion that the King James Bible written in the year 1611 is the only Bible to be used by English speaking people. Timothy Williams is thus fundamentally not worth listening to. His church is “evil”, “twisted” and “without the gospel of Jesus Christ.” For Grant McCall, the King James Bible is the Word of God.
Anyone willing to lie about, pervert facts or exaggerate events had the gun-toting, sharp-shooting expert in fire weapons Enumclaw Police Person now promoted to Sergeant Grant McCall’s full support to destroy preacher, Timothy Williams. Thus the word-for-word scripted-out session between the False Accuser and then Detective Grant McCall.

Audio Court Testimony by Enumclaw Police Grant McCall

“…and the version of the Bible I believe in.”
Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall
King County Prosecutors Fully Supported
King County Court Testimony

King County Prosecutors with the signature approval of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg who is a friendly colleague of Judge Susan J. Craighead power-played the very conscious Badge-Bias that permeates King County Courts of Seattle for the Enumclaw Police.
Badge-Bias is the overweening self-serving and protectionism that abuses The Law to protect, enhance and entertain their fellow Police Officers, Politicians and Judges so that justice is perverted.
King County Policeman Grant McCall of Enumclaw Washington’s Bible version had the Badge-Bias gun-enforcing prejudice of the King County Court system to be made the defacto church doctrine by which Timothy Williams (Sound Doctrine Church) was punished under.
Then Detective Grant McCall believes that Christian Churches should only use the King James Version of the Bible. Such self-righteous Baptist look down on and view anyone who would dare preach from any other version of the Bible as sinfully corrupt.
One reason Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall was unable and unwilling to be a detective for facts and truth is that his self-righteous zeal for the Baptism doctrine of King James Bible only theology created a dark prism for which all facts are forced to fit his bigotry.

Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall believes the King James Bible translated in 1611 is the only permitted Bible English speaking individuals and the church should use.
To clarify, the King James Only Bible doctrine teaches that the original 1611 version is the Word of God and has been reclarified, or purified like silver 7 times and thus the current King James Version is the perfect Word of God.
Without going into the errors in logic to this doctrine this is the doctrine of Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall.
The King James Version is the version Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall used for official Enumclaw Police servers, email system and Bias-Badge family police abuse to attack and stir up trouble against Timothy Williams of Sound Doctrine Church. That Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall cannot understand and distorts what Timothy Williams preaches and lives is spelled out below.
Whatever one thinks about a specific doctrine it is vile to enable Badge-Bias to force such beliefs by gun-toting, marksman shooting police persons in the Enumclaw Police Department. If Enumclaw Police Person Grant McCall had a beef with my preaching and doctrines I would have been more than willing to preach-debate him at the pulpit of his church. Not that it would have been much of a debate as Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall is completely in error and 100% wrong on the facts of exactly what he was slandering me on in this official Enumclaw Police email system.
But then, Enumclaw “Detective” Grant McCall was not investigating the crime. In fact, Grant McCall did not investigate the alleged crime but went on a recruiting frenzy to find anyone willing to lie about Sound Doctrine Church. This is what King County Prosecutor David Seaver wanted to hide and what corruption Badge-Bias has brought about.
The “Ye,” “bringeth,” “hewn,” and “wherefore” is from the King James Bible that Enumclaw Police family believe is the Word of God.

Enumclaw, King James Only, Baptist, Policeman Grant McCall
Office Enumclaw Police eMail Server

For those who wish a more detailed explanation on the King James Only movement see Wikipedia.


Badge-Bias is the prejudice of the legal system to protect and self-justify the “family” of police.
The ill “family” culture of the police is such that no matter the abuse committed by a fellow police family member it is hidden, ignored or excused.
Badge-Bias is to provide ready-made excuses, built-in twisting of laws to defend at all costs police abuses and belief systems.

Gay Sex Seattle Police & Baptist Bible Version Enumclaw Police

Police Safe Place Sexual Belief Stickers

Seattle Police Badge-Bias Sexual Choices

King James Version of the Bible Only – Berean Baptist Church

Enumclaw Police Grant McCall Badge-Bias King James Only Choice

As pro-Gay Police Units believe in promoting such a style of sex with “safe zones” and stickers, hard-line Baptist Churches believe that the King James Bible is the only true version of the Bible to use.
Never underestimate the over-zealous and the self-righteous opposition by those puffed up in such beliefs to prosecute those who would dare defy their personal opinions.
But what belief is above Gay Safe Zones and King James Bible Only believers?
The belief that over-rides all other beliefs in King County Courts is Badge-Bias.
The foul soil that gave root to such illegal bad fruit within the Seattle Police and the Enumclaw Police comes from the same corrupting force inherent in Badge-Bias.
The King County Court system of providing unadulterated Badge-Bias towards all police has resulted in the destruction of individual liberty and group freedom that is the rock-like foundation of the Constitution of the United States.
If the Seattle Police want to promote sexual immorality they are enabled by Washington State power of Badge-Bias.
If the Enumclaw Police desire to destroy a church Policeman Grant McCall opposes he is encouraged and rewarded for doing such because of the whitewash foundation of Badge-Bias within the Washington State Legal Court System.

KKK, Shiftless Blacks and Baptist Policeman Grant McCall

KKK – Klu Klux Klan

Down South where the Klu Klux Klan lives there breathes the circular-logic that all blacks are lazy and shiftless. With Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall Sound Doctrine Church or Timothy Williams is “without the gospel” and “Savoir Jesus Christ” because he has observed and investigated it so.
Here is how such “investigations” and observations go.
The KKK only associates with those who are of such a dirty mind. Everything the KKK observes and researches only confirms that blacks are shiftless and lazy. Each time members and supporters of the KKK talk they reinforce prejudices, increase exaggerations and twist-truths to confirm their bias. Truth is demolished and statements are never investigated to determine the facts because just as with the Enumclaw Family of Police any negative statement is embraced as “truth.”
If the KKK sees a black family walking slowly down the beach it is confirmation they are slow, shiftless and lazy. To the KKK the black family is walking slowly, (thus slow), going in no particular direction (shiftless) and instead of working are at the beach (lazy).

In the same way anything that Timothy Williams preached, or lives, was re-interpreted to have a meaning that was not in fact truth by Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall. McCall’s ill-wind had been blowing in the City of Enumclaw for over a decade fowling the fresh air of truth. It only took McCall and Athena Dean Holtz to multi-level a conspiracy for a frame up of the church. The rest is King County Bias-Badge history.

Bigoted Baptist Grant McCall became a dirt magnet for anyone that opposed Timothy Williams (Sound Doctrine Church). Every exaggerated complaint, every flat-out lie, and every action, including Bible reading and preaching because it does not come from the King James Bible confirmed all was twisted and bad.
This is why Grant McCall having been granted Badge-Bias testified in King County Court that the scriptures, “did not look quite right to me” and that Sound Doctrine Church “only benefited Timothy Williams” in his Badge-Bias little Baptist mind.
Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall abuses his police powers to shake-down, setup, lie about, slander and arrange a lynch-mob because he knows King County Courts will self-justify anything and everything the police do, or do not do. Grant McCall even deleted emails that did not suit his purpose thus destroying evidence in the Malcolm Fraser case.
As the KKK would inflame lynchings by stirring up crowds it was the combined efforts of multi-level confessed liar marketer Athena Dean Holtz to bring together all who opposed Sound Doctrine Church for Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall to bring the rope. At one time the KKK was entrenched in some churches and police stations but the Federal Government stepped in to strike a blow against such oppression.
The Enumclaw Police not only need a few good black policepersons but a serious step-in by the Federal Government. Because, clearly, Mike Reynolds City Attorney and money wheeler-dealer in the City of Enumclaw is not going to let Badge-Bias come to end when he can use it for his benefit.
It was the Badge-Bias of King County Prosecutors and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg that gave legal power to crush Enumclaw Grant McCall’s favorite church to rail against i.e. Sound Doctrine Church, Timothy Williams.
King County Prosecutors blocked every call for an investigation because policeman Grant McCall was the one concluding that all his accusations and self-confirming damnations were coming from him – a police officer. Badge-Bias won over justice once again.

“Oh, I am aware of the book.” – Policeman Grant McCall

If you watch the video consider that Enumclaw Police Grant McCall testified another lie that Sound Doctrine Church members did not talk to their families.
Behold, the reason Grant McCall is responding to this young man’s house is that the young man was talking to his family.

Step-Mom calls Enumclaw Police Because of Sound Doctrine Church “Jesus Stuff”

Consider also why would this young man’s family know to call the Enumclaw Police because he was talking with Sound Doctrine Church about the Gospel of Jesus?
Why was it around the City of Enumclaw that one could harass Sound Doctrine Church members just by calling the Enumclaw Police?
Try calling the City of Puyallup Police because someone is talking to you about Jesus from the Baptist Church and see what kind of reaction you receive. But not in the City of Enumclaw. No, Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall is swift to respond, lie about, intimidate and stand in the way of anything and everything Sound Doctrine Church is attempting to do.
Grant McCall testified in King County Court and wrote an email from Official Enumclaw Police servers stating “how can they know the gospel without talking to their family?” But, here we have Grant McCall responding to call to the Enumclaw Police that this young man was sharing the gospel with his family. I would have loved to cross-examine this unrepentant sinner Grant McCall but of course, he is protected by King County Prosecutors Badge-Bias.
Grant McCall’s twisted perspective caused him to lie that Sound Doctrine Members did not talk to their family members yet he just happens to be the police person responding to a police-call from this young man’s mother that her son was talking to his family about “Jesus stuff”!

Let me take a moment and point out that I, Timothy Williams, have very little in common with Baptist doctrine and beliefs beyond elementary concepts of Christian theology.
When Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall presented for the King County Court his beliefs that would be the standard by which all other Christian beliefs must measure up to because of Badge-Bias he testified under oath that he, Grant McCall, only agreed with “30%” of what Sound Doctrine Church preached. That was probably the closest statement to a fact that Detective Grant McCall ever got to.

The book, Even The Demons Believe, contains doctrines that Baptist would fundamentally, some vehemently, like Grant McCall oppose. The difference is I do not have Badge-Bias on my side to destroy Berean Baptist Church of Puyallup, WA. But then, I am a man pursuing the righteousness of Jesus and would never sin in the way Grant McCall did while in the “family” of Enumclaw Police. For you see I belong to the family of God in all righteousness and holiness by the grace of Jesus Christ.

Grant McCall a Baptist Should Be Disfellowshipped

Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall abuse police power to destroy and attempt to forcefully convert members of Sound Doctrine Church to recant their beliefs – a vile sin before the Living God. Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall destroyed families, demolished a Christian business while bully-beating-up members of Sound Doctrine Church and their doctrinal faiths in Jesus.
In short, Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall used every dark sinful tactic violating the sacred commandment of love: And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. (Matthew 22:39 kjv)
It is possible that the Berean Baptist Church has enough integrity in Jesus to disfellowship Grant McCall, but so far they have not stepped up to the prayer bench to demonstrate their actions match their claimed faith.
Baptist doctrine is baby Bible doctrine that is milk unfit for making anyone righteous. This is why Enumclaw Police Person Grant McCall is able to use very dark and sinful tactics against a church he personally opposes without any sense of guilt.
This is the same reason why the Baptist Church he attends is unqualified to judge and disfellowship Grant Mcall for his sins.
Grant McCall’s unrighteousness and terrible witness for Jesus is because he has chosen the worldly “family of police” over the “family of Jesus Christ.”
Indeed, McCall’s church is missing the one thing that would make all their tight doctrinal logic come alive so that they might go onto maturity in Jesus. But such matters are not the focus here and just as I have no right to enlist the police to force my beliefs upon the Berean Baptist Church, should the Berean Baptism Church have a member of law enforcement who abuses power and uses sinful tactics to achieve the smackdown of a church he opposes. Disagree all you want with Timothy Williams, but it is of the height of sin to enlist worldly authorities as the Pharisees did to oppose the message of Jesus. One cannot belong to the “family of police” and the “family of God” at the same time.
The holiness Timothy Williams preaches and lives is not, cannot and will not be understood by those whose Christianity is still drinking milk wrapped in diapers. It was the other 70% that Enumclaw Police Detective McCall would not accept and abused his police powers to slander, defile and vilify Timothy Williams 

Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. (Hebrews 5:13)

Sorry, where are my manners? Here for the sake of milk-sipping baby believers is the King James Version of the Bible.

For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. (Hebrews 5:13 kjv)

The book Even The Demons Believe that Enumclaw Police opposed with the force of Badge-Bias can be obtained by clicking the graphic below.
If you are satisfied with your flavor of Christianity or a non-believer uninterested in your soul I recommend you do not order the book as there is nothing written within that is not the good old gospel call. The book is of high-quality material but rather expensive so if you see through the Badge-Bias issue ordering the book would be a waste of your money.
Though the book is small those who are not Christian will wonder what all the controversy is about. As stated above never underestimate the self-righteous over-zealous to be persecuted and prosecuted by such individuals like the City of Enumclaw Policeman Grant McCall hyper-ventilating Baptist doctrines. For the book, Even The Demons Believe, smacks hard against the milk-toast just ask Jesus into your heart, once you’re saved you are always saved Baptist foundational doctrines.

For more information on what Timothy Williams preaches and lives see

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