Lies & Lie Blending Enumclaw Police / Prosecutors

King County Prosecutors Mind-Blend Their Lies with the False Accuser Lies

Key Points:

  • Prosecutors contradicted the sworn testimony of their False Accuser.
  • King County Prosecutors, Seattle Wa. lied for the False Accuser.
  • King County Courts and Prosecutors and Enumclaw Detective Grant McCall manipulated and groomed a False Accuser with their planted accusations.

The False Accuser never testified she wanted” to scream, she always, confidently, without hesitation testified repeatedly that she screamed “at the top of her lungs” every single time.

King County Prosecutors

King County Prosecutors

King County Prosecutors lied for the False Accuser.
King County Prosecutors labeled their witness as a person who is filled with false testimony within her soul – nothing like filling in the gaps for lying accusations that do not fit the facts!
No wonder King County Prosecutors fully empowered and accepted Enumclaw Police Detective Grant McCall’s scripted-out accusations for the False Accuser to think about.
The Team of King County Prosecutor Mark Larson* not only invited and harbored liars to vilify Sound Doctrine Church but lied for the False Accuser.
The False Accuser never testified she wanted to scream, she always, confidently, without hesitation testified repeatedly that she screamed “at the top of her lungs” every single time.
The reason King County Prosecutors and Judge Lori K. Smith blocked every real and honest attempt to question the credibility of the False Accuser was to facilitate King County Prosecutors’ lie of credibility.
This is what happens when King County Prosecutors invite liars. They themselves become corrupt. If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked. (Proverbs 29:12)
Here we see King County Prosecutor Jason Simmons applying non-existent psychobabble in a trial for which such evidence was never associated in the trial. Just one of many non-associated lies throughout the whole trial by ordeal.

  • Never, not one time, did King County Prosecutors provide to the Court any expert witness on any level, applied to any situation, about the possibility that the False Accuser wanted to believe certain things about herself.

Yet here we see King County Prosecutors interjecting lies in closing arguments of what was in the “mind” of the False Accuser and what she “wanted” to “believe” contrary to her testimony under oath. Talk about leading the witness!
The reason Jason Simmons vomited out this nonsense in closing arguments is that he knew his lying nonsense could not be cross-examined for the false credibility it was.
Naturally, King County Prosecutors knew that had the False Accuser screamed as she solidly testified to at the top of her lungs over and over the crime would have been impossible!
As it is, according to King County Prosecutors she “may have” screamed, but only possibly twice – evidence is certainly excluded from the minds of King County Prosecutors.
Prosecutors would have reasonable people believe that the False Accuser is believable on everything else but her testimony about screaming. No wonder King County Prosecutors and Judges excluded from the jury pool those who, and I quote, “believe in evidence.”
Therefore to cover the lie of a false accusation King County Prosecutors had to lie for the False Accuser.
Thus according to King County Prosecutors the False Accuser only wants to think” she “screamed“, onlywants to think” she “fought” and only wants to think” she “clawed.”
So mindless is the False Accuser that she will believe anything about herself or what others tell her about herself according to King County Prosecutors!
If this is the fact one ought to look for those who groomed the False Accuser to only believe she was abused.

So mindless is the False Accuser that according to King County Prosecutors she is easy enough to be manipulated by King County Prosecutors in King County Courts on their behalf. Talk about brainwashing witnesses for the Prosecution!

  • Indeed, the question demands an answer as to how many, and whom, in or out of the legal profession planted false memories, lying testimony, and groomed the False Accuser to testify for King County Prosecutors by just giving legal advice?

This is why King County Prosecutors dare not, would not, and did not allow a 30-minute interview of the False Accuser as commanded by Judge Lori K. Smith.
Only corrupt prosecutors call it The Law when the credibility of a witness cannot be tested for credibility while getting to tell a jury the False Accuser is credible. Such is not The Law and has never has been The Law.
It is not “natural” to think lies about oneself unless oneself is a weak-willed, mindless nincompoop, or supporting those promoting a lie, or committing a crime.

Well, maybe she “only wants to think” she was abused!

Well, maybe she “thinks” she can finally get the attention of her parents by creating a false accusation to go along with their lying hatred!
Well, maybe she “thinks” she can help Athena Dean Holtz, Detective Grant McCall, and King County Prosecutors take down a church they do not agree with! Which if one desires to go down this road there is plenty of evidence.
Well, what we do know for sure is that evidence means nothing to King County Prosecutors.
What we do know from the facts, and, thus all who are truthful think, is that all the evidence pointed to a hate crime and court corruption that caused the False Accuser to seize the opportunity to lie.
That said, what I do think, what I do believe, what I do demand, what I do preach, and what I do live by the power of God’s grace is truth in the inner parts. I do all of this by God’s power because I think and know I am nothing special.
It is the old, old story proven by history and God that liars hate those who love the Truth. See: John 8:43-45

Surely you desire truth in the inner parts.
(Psalm 51:6)

Truth in the inner parts is such a foreign concept to the evil in King County Courts their Prosecutors do both prosecute and persecute the Truth.

“It is natural to think and want to think she did that.

It is natural for her to think and to want to think

that she screamed and she fought and clawed.

You know, maybe she did it once or twice.”

King County Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Closing Statements.

King County Prosecutors & Detective

Enumclaw Detective-Sergeant Grant McCall created a false-accusation script and King County Prosecutors edited the police script to create a fairy-tale, once-upon-a-time, fictional lie that could benefit King County Prosecutors.

Yea Think?

* Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Prosecutor David Seaver, Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Nicole Weston, Prosecutor Rich Anderson

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