Prosecutor Mark Larson: The Jihadist

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King County Prosecutor Mark Larson
Unrepentant Fool & Jihadist Talk

King County Mark Larson You Presbyterian Fool,
A Holy Calling Does Not Make Men Holy

“It’s sort of a holy calling for us…”
King County Prosecutor Mark Larson
Seattle Times, Jan. 2, 2020

Like Jihadist around the world they flatter themselves that they are on a holy mission, involved in a holy calling.
Indeed, they gather around themselves those of like pride that will flatter them all the way to hell.
But God is no fool and knows it is not a calling that makes men holy.

For in his own eyes he flatters himself too much
to detect or hate his sin.

(Psalm 36:2)

There is no mystery to the fact as to why King County Prosecutors substitute facts for, and I quote, feelings. Full on lie in King County Courts, manipulate witnesses, create false evidence, prosecute by slander, script out accusations and label playing Satan in the courtroom as a “holy mission.”
As the team* of Prosecutor Mark Larson proudly communicated they are only all too, and I quote, “happy” to unleash their abuse-power because they are on a “holy mission”.
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